I almost missed this stunning boy! (If you can believe it)

  Thanks to some seasoned "eyes", and the encouragement of some trusted mentors, I gave my head a shake and started to really watch him. It didn't take very long for me to see what they were seeing. Rival was not what I was looking for, 100% goes against everything I said I would be keeping (mostly that he is a MALE) but he couldn't be anyone elses' so he had to stay! Once I realized what a gem he was I couldn't take my eyes off him. Rival has lovely balanced angles, beautiful reach and drive, nice bone, moderate coat and moves nicely coming and going.

  I thought the name "Rival" was fitting because he had to rival his litter mates to get my attention, he was the only black tri male in the litter, and so from the get-go he was at a disadvantage. He had to be the best, and although it took me some time to notice, he is! He is the pick of this litter in my eyes, and I'm refreshed and rejuvenated by him. I see  potential in him for future goals that I would like to work toward and it makes me very excited!

   I hope that he and I will excel in a multitude of venues, including dock diving, agility and conformation. I really look forward to watching him grow, and can't wait to go on this amazing ride with him.

Rival and Debbie are heading to the Monarch Kennel Club dog show, in Dorchester, coming up in June 2018. If you see them out, say "hello"!

Rival has been Neutered and is living with our good friends in Toronto!

We love getting to see him when he comes for holidays.


Australian Shepherd - Ausable River - Rival
Australian Shepherd - Ausable River Aussies - Rival
Lovingly handled by my good friend Debbie
MDR1- Mutant/Mutant

DM - Normal/Normal

CEA - Normal/Normal

CMR1 - Normal/Normal

Cone Degeneration - Normal/Normal

HC - Normal/Normal

Genetic Testing