Our Story

    As far back as I can remember, I've been blessed to have a four legged family member(which I can probably attribute to my older sister, for begging my parents to get us a cat). To keep things fair, they got us 2. There hasn't been a day since our cats Monty and Paws that I haven't loved and been loved by a furry friend. 

    Eventually we got our first dog Benny, a rescue German Shepherd/mix, who was the nicest boy ever. Anything I asked him to do he would do without question. From obstacle courses I would set up, with brooms and garbage cans, to climbing jungle gyms at the park, and running down the most slippery slides ever, we had some great times. One of my most favourite stories about Benny was the day he "escaped" from our back yard, and ran through the neighbourhood to my grade school to find me. The teachers were beside themselves with a dog running through the playground area, but he ran right up to me, and thankfully the teachers allowed me to take him back home(Oh the '90s). Benny will always hold a special place in my heart. I always knew I would have a dog once I had my own place so about 15 years ago my search began, and then 2 years later Miller was flying to us from Manitoba(buying a quality bred puppy doesn't happen overnight!)

   I decided to begin breeding Aussies in 2018, after almost 10 years of owning and loving aussies, Lois helped me to realize my dream of being a breeder, and I can't have asked for a better start in the whelping box. She is an amazing mom, and made it very easy to fall in love with breeding. I have also been working for an amazing Veterinary Clinic in Stratford, Ontario which helps to keep me focused on my breeding goals. In the coming months Matt and I are excited about welcoming our 3rd baby, which will make things around here pretty interesting! Our 3rd baby boy Thomas George Ehgoetz arrived December 25th, 2019. We feel very blessed and have a VERY busy house now.

Proud Member in Good Standing with

The Canadian Kennel Club - 2012-2021

The Australian Shepherd Club of America 2012-2021

The American Kennel Club

Central Ontario Australian Shepherd Club - B.O.D. in 2019, 2020 and 2021 and now President of the club in 2022!

Did a little _one month_ photo shoot with Nicholas, man do I see Attley in this boy! It's nuts! #loo
20min wait on the tarmac, should be fun with a 13week old baby!🛩👶
My boys 💖💖💖💖💖
Morning nap 💤
He got on the bus, and then promptly came off the bus. But either way we got him there
Benny Dog