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Australian Shepherd Puppy - Blue Merle - Ausable River Aussies Puppies - Forge
Australian Shepherd - Blue Merle - Ausable River Aussies - Emily Burdon - Dog Show - Ontario

CH Wenlisa's Forged at Ausable RVR

Sire: Crofton Kid You Not - Josh

Dam: Wenlisa's Can't Stop The Press - Lois

DOB: November 12, 2018

Co-Owned with Lisa Wensley, @Wenlisa Aussies

Forge is a very exciting boy for me, I absolutely adore every little thing about him! I'll be forever thankful to Linda Braun for welcoming Lois and allowing me to have Josh, as strong example of our breed, represented in the early stages of building my breeding program. He adds history and depth to my future plans, his pedigree is filled with impeccable aussies, not to mention his stellar temperament and structure. I'm thrilled to have been able to take Lois to him.

Forge is structure, movement and style in a loveable, teddy bear package. He's typey, with nice bone, solid topline, balanced angles, and has a stable, calm temperament. Forge is still growing and developing, but Lisa and I are really pleased with how he is coming into himself. Like his sister Lainey, he loves the water, and enjoys finding his way into any body of water that is near by(when he's here, my pond is his "go-to"). Forge especially loves to snuggle with the Corgies at Lisa's house, he's a great "puppy-sitter".

Forge is a Canadian Champion! At the tender age of 9months he earned his championship while we were at the Grey-Bruce Kennel Club, one of my favourite shows! Forge is proudly presented by myself, Carrie Lucas and Emily Burdon. He is a joy to have on the end of a lead, I'm sure he will be out and about again soon with one of us!

Forge has an extensive list of Clear markers on Paw Print Genentics,

Please click the link to access his results! Forge is MDR1 - m/n


OFA Hips - Good

OFA Elbows - Normal

OFA Dentition - Full/Scissors bite

ASCA DNA-VP via Therion

ASCA/CKC Registered

Please contact Jocelyn Ehgoetz at to inquire about his attributes.


Forge at 6months

>earning his first 2 points

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